Yoga Gallery is an opportunity for professional teachers to share their expertise & bankroll their years of study & trainings, rather than just teach as a hobby.

Yoga Gallery rents exclusively to teachers, providing private, temperate & clean studios so you can really make a business out of your teaching skills.

After your rent is paid, all that is required is for you to attract your people & teach excellent classes, there is so much more potential to make a living from your artistry teaching this way, than as a contract teacher.

The Yoga Gallery set up allows for your complete autonomy for the term of your rental.

Yoga Gallery2

Downstairs Studio - Unit 10

1 Upstairs

Upstairs Studio - Unit 7

  • Rental Costs:

    60 minutes for £30. A 15 minute buffer either side of your 60 minutes is included for setup & close down. Please read the terms & conditions.

How to hire the Space

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