Since 2014, these studios have seen 1000s of yoga students transform & build life-long relationships with yoga.

As of July 2020, the two spaces will be available for insured teachers to rent on a weekly long or short term basis for their own classes.

Crawley, pre-pandemic, had plenty of rentable spaces with very little availabilty. They’re quite expensive, the floors are dirty, they’re often cold in winter & you can’t have your pick of times.

Yoga Gallery’s two studios offer you clean floors, mirrored walls, Denon sound systems & peace & quiet.

Parking in the day was always hard to come by but since the pandemic, we do not have Gatwick airport staff using the surrounding parking all day, making parking easier. The studios have a proven track record of attracting maximum capacity numbers for 9.45am weekday classes – proof, if you need it, available on request. Students will show up for excellent teaching & even daytime classes will be full.

Parking from 5pm weekdays & the weekends was & still is, easy.

Young attractive woman practicing yoga or pilates, standing in Bird dog pose, Knee to Forehead curl exercise, working out wearing black sportswear, cool urban style grey studio background, full length

Hire the Spaces

The studios both have music licences & public & employers’ liability in place. Please read the terms & conditions.